Olga Selivanova-Shoff told about businesswomen’s career paths

Prior to the International Women’s Day Olga Selivanova-Shoff, Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Hunt Executive Search, participated in the panel discussion of the Harvard Club of Russia "Socio-Cultural Transformation and Women’s Career Choices in Business«.The meeting took place on March, 5th at Cabinet Lounge in Moscow and was dedicated to new trends in the modern woman’s involvement in business. The panel was represented exclusively by ladies — successful graduates from business schools — and raised the issues of the balance between career and personal life, representation of women in leadership positions, and relationships between male and female executives. Olga Selivanova-Shoff shared with the guests her knowledge on challenges and peculiarities of women’s career paths, as well existing specialist programs aimed at increasing the participation of women in executive and non-executive boards in the West. Olga has an extensive work experience in Russia and Europe, so she could offer an international balance perspective on the subject. She said that women are getting stronger support from western governments and non-commercial organizations and their involvement in management is increasing. For example, there is a special organization «The 30% Club» in the UK, whose mandate is to achieve a 30% representation of women in boards through various programs and initiatives. The organization works with executive search firms and encourages them to sign a «Voluntary Code» — a policy to promote female executives and include female candidates in search assignments for senior management roles. «During recent years we can observe an increasing number of women in top positions in different industries. We are also active participants of these changes and help attract female candidates to executive roles in client companies, — added Olga Selivanova-Shoff. Alexey Ivanov, President of the Harvard Club of Russia was the moderator of the discussion. The event also featured the following speakers: Ellen Pinchuk (Deputy CEO, Mikhailov & Partners); Ayuna Badmaeva (Deputy CEO, GM International Networks, Digital Television Russia/VGTRK); Irina Golubkova (Private Equity Associate, Siguler Guff & Company). This was the second «International Women’s Day» panel, organized by the Harvard Club of Russia and it contributed to the success of the first meeting.