Our services include recruiting and onboarding senior executives, building boards of directors, mapping the best market talent, and consulting on market trends and compensation plans.

Each and every client is special to us, and we strive to provide tailor-made solutions that draw on the functional and industry-specific expertise our consultants have to offer, our global proprietary database and professional network.

Why us


In our 25 years in business, we’ve completed hundreds of international search assignments and built a database of professional candidates spanning the entire globe and a wide variety of industries. That gives us the leverage we need to take on large-scale and highly specific assignments in different countries.

We attract top-level international and Russian professionals to work with our clients in Russia and the CIS, also recruiting executives for international subsidiaries of Russian companies and businesses built abroad by successful Russian entrepreneurs.

Financial Institutions

Our consultants work with a broad range of financial institutions: investment groups; corporate, retail, and investment banks; investment funds; and asset managers. Our consultants are experts in M&A, capital markets, asset management and private equity, private wealth management, digital banking and fintech, and back office.

General Industry, Transportation, and Logistics

Our consultants are experienced in power, oil and gas, metals and mining, pulp and paper, engineering, and smart manufacturing. We also work with leading transport, shipping, and logistics companies; airlines; and other market players.

Real Estate, Construction, and Development

We work with residential, commercial, and international real estate development; property management; industrial, civil, and infrastructure construction; urban development; and more. We’re proud of what our candidates have achieved at companies building truly amazing buildings, airports, sports complexes, and amusement parks.

IT, Media, and Telecom

Our consultants work for international and local IT equipment vendors, system integrators, telecom operators, IT service providers, marketplaces, e-commerce companies, insourcing IT divisions of major corporations, and research and development centers.

Consumer and Agriculture business

Our consultants have expertise in various agricultural segments and have a track record of attracting strong executives with knowledge of best international practices in farming, cattle breeding, and food processing. We have a long history working in the consumer sector and extensive experience recruiting CEOs and supply chain officers for FMCG & retail companies, as well as sales and marketing teams.

Over the years, we’ve completed dozens of assignments recruiting CEOs, building executive and non-executive boards, as well as succession planning for clients in different sectors.

Financial Management

Today’s CFO needs to understand all aspects of the business, be a strategic thinker, and demonstrate impeccable integrity. Our consultants know who those professionals are and how to find them.

In-House IT Management

Today’s IT department has one key objective: identify and implement cutting-edge solutions to create a competitive advantage for the business and improve efficiency. Companies are looking for leaders who can anticipate innovations in technology and quickly implement new systems and methodologies. We closely monitor the market for IT talent and help our clients find the best candidates with a proven track record.

Legal Support

The role of chief legal officer is of utmost importance in an age of tightening regulations and controls. Personal integrity is as crucial as professional qualifications, so we select candidates with extra care, performing rigorous reference checks. Our consultants come from a legal educational background and have worked in international law firms, which allows them to always be on top of the market changes.

The HR director plays an increasingly important part in driving the business agenda as companies recognize more and more the value of human capital. Our expert consultants constantly monitor the market of HR professionals identifying and assessing candidates best suited for your corporate needs and culture.

Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain

It’s hard to overvalue sales and marketing directors in today’s competitive business environment. Our consultants command a wide-reaching global database of candidates coming from both B2B and B2C backgrounds and a successful track record of boosting sales and brand recognition.

Corporate Communications

The needs placed on the role of corporate communications director vary widely depending on the company’s industry. We compiled a database of communications professionals across a range of industries from manufacturing to non-profit and advertising. In addition to thoroughly assessing professional qualifications, our consultants pay close attention to personal qualities to ensure that PR, GR, and IR candidates integrate well.