Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 10, 2019

1. Who we are

Magnum Hunt Executive Search Limited («MH ES», «we», «us» and «our») is a leading executive search provider of services, including, but not limited to: executive search; board search; assessment; industry mapping; consulting («Services»).

We respect privacy of our clients, candidates and other users of our services («you», «your») and are committed to protecting your personal data and information («personal information») according to the applicable law. This Privacy Policy («Policy») explains how and for what purposes we collect, use and disclose personal information.

MH ES takes its responsibility for the processing of your personal information very seriously, whether provided to us via email, via social networking sites, in person or otherwise. We communicate our Policy to all employees, and strictly enforce the safeguards within MH ES.

For the purpose of this Policy, the controller of personal data is Magnum Hunt Executive Search Limited. We are registered in England and Wales under the company number 2660847. We operate the following websites: Please note that our websites contain links to other websites (for example our partners or news). Once redirected to another website, this Policy is no longer applicable. Please read the privacy policy of each unrelated internet site that you visit. These websites have their own privacy policies, MH ES is not responsible for them.

Our contact details are set out in the ’How to Contact Us’ section at the end of this Policy.

You do not give out personal information by visiting our website.

2. How we use Personal Information

MH ES operates the following principles in order to protect your privacy:

  • we do not collect more information than is necessary for our clients to fit their needs and corporate culture,
  • we do not use your data for purposes other than those specified,
  • we only provide your data to select third party clients for the specific purposes, approved by you each&every specific time.

In the event you are interested in becoming a Candidate, you can provide us with information on your personal and professional background («Candidate Information»). We urge you not to disclose to us any Candidate Information that is likely of little or no relevance or may not even be legally considered as part of common hiring processes.

If you share Candidate Information with us, we might follow up with you using the contact details you may have provided in order to clarify any questions we might have or obtain complementary information from you. In addition, we might conduct assessments of your professional profile and perform searches for information on your personal and professional life publicly available via social media services, on the Internet or within data you have previously disclosed to us, provided that such information might be of importance to your qualification for a particular position. Any resulting information will be considered Candidate Information and be processed together with the Candidate Information you initially provided us.

Your Candidate Information might contain: your contact details, your biographical data, information on your professional education, and your educational credentials, professional diplomas and certificates, your employment and compensation history, data on your suitability for client opportunities we compile as part of our assessments of your professional profile, information on your personal and professional life publicly available via social media services or otherwise on the Internet that might be of importance to your qualification for a particular executive or similar management position, and any Sensitive Personal Information you might choose to disclose to us.

As part of the Services, your Candidate Information may be processed for the purposes of:

  • executing searches for potential Candidates on behalf of clients that have an opening for an executive or similar management position,
  • assessing your suitability for client opportunities,
  • informing you of open executive or similar management positions potentially suitable for you,
  • introducing you to clients as a Candidate,
  • verifying your educational credentials, professional diplomas and certificates,
  • performing searches for information on your personal and professional life publicly available via social media services, on the Internet or within data you have previously disclosed to us,
  • providing integration services on behalf of a client you have been placed with by monitoring your integration with the client, speaking with all parties involved and lending support for you to reach full effectiveness in your new role as soon as possible,
  • approaching you, after you have been placed with a client, as a client contact for the placement of other Candidates or as a source of information about potential Candidates for third-party clients,
  • operating the databases your Candidate Information is stored in,
  • analysing your information using analytical tools and comparing the results against other candidates or potential candidates, including categorization of candidates through profiles developed by the software, to assist us in conducting searches for clients.

At no point will your Candidate Information be used for purposes other than providing Services.

Your Candidate Data will be processed until you revoke your Consent given when sharing Candidate Information with us. Upon the revocation of your Consent, we will delete your Candidate Information from our database.

If you are a client or potential client, we collect your name, contact details, title or position, products or services requested, or other information that you provide via email correspondence or by telephone call or at the meeting. In addition, we might perform searches for information on your personal and professional life publicly available on the Internet or within data you have previously disclosed to us. Any resulting information will be considered your Personal Information and be processed together with the information you initially provided us. Unless required or authorized by law, we do not process Sensitive Information about you, unless you have affirmatively consented to this processing.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

Your Personal Information will mainly be processed by and on behalf of MH ES, and might be available to the consultants and administrative staff of the different offices of MH ES. However, depending on how and where the Services need to be performed in your individual case, your Personal Information might, in addition, be disclosed to and processed by selected partners with whom we may work on specific projects.

We might disclose excerpts of your Candidate Information such as your professional education and employment history with particular clients in order to confirm whether they might be interested in you as a Candidate with respect to an opening for an executive or similar management position they have informed us of. The information disclosed will be limited to what is necessary for this purpose. We will not disclose the entirety of your Candidate Information or otherwise introduce you to any client in detail without first obtaining consent from you.

We might disclose Personal Information to third party service providers (for example auditors, marketing providers, etc.). And we also reserve the right to disclose Personal Information where we believe such disclosure is required by law or is appropriate in connection with any legal claims, warrants or other government/judicial processes or requests.

We do not sell or rent your Personal Information.

4. Information Security

Protecting your Personal Information is very important to us. We maintain reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and destruction. In case we disclosure your Personal Information to third party providers, we require them to respect the security of your Personal Information and to treat it in accordance with the law.

All Personal Information we operate is stored:

  • in secure internal server of MH ES, locates in Moscow, Russian Federation, operated by authorised IT provider Cunatech plc. (,
  • in secure servers of Invenias Group, located in the United Kingdom, operated by Invenias (

Physical support of the servers is provided by Microsoft Corporation and by Cunatech plc.

5. Your rights

According to the law you have the right to:

  • obtain information about your Personal Information we process,
  • to request the correction or completion of incorrect Personal Information we process,
  • to request the deletion of Personal Information we process,
  • to object to our processing of your Personal Information.

If at any point you wish MH ES to delete your Personal Information, you are welcome to contact us and send us your deletion request. In order to comply with your request, we will ask you to verify your identity: specific information from you to help us confirm your identity. This is a security measure to ensure that personal data is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it. Please note that we need to retain certain Personal Information as required or permitted by applicable law.

6. How to contact us

We encourage your questions and comments about policies and privacy practices.

Here you can access our Data Subject Access Request Process Policy, Data Retention Policy and Consent form.

Please contact us using the information below, and we will respond to you as soon as reasonably possible:

Magnum Hunt Executive Search Limited 21H Randolph Crescent, London, England, W9 1DP, e-mail: